Hey guys! Long time no see, hm? Well, the thing is… besides all the shit that is going on on my personal life right now, I don’t feel the same about tumblr. It’s boring and full of bority (does this exist omg)

I still love every single one of you guys who follow me, but it’s just not the same :( I’ll try to enter regularly, but that’s not a promise. I’m really sorry.


Nobody knows that she’s a lonely g i r l and it’s a lonely w o r l d .

Reyna award winner - Val's favorite: oldgods


Annabeth owns a polaroid camera, and sometimes Percy uses that to his advantage. By advantage, he takes a ton of pictures of him and Annabeth, strange things that Jason does, Piper when her cabin does a makeover, and Leo at the armory with a singed shirt. When the Romans come and visit, it’s a whole other story.

art: burdge
colour: percyyoulittleshit
edit: holyaphrodite

the seven + nico

the seven + nico

this is war - 30 seconds to mars

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sometimes gods have children with humans, this children are called half-bloods or demigods


Just once, you could’ve said something. You could’ve helped when she was having one of herfists, shaking me and saying crazy things about my fate. When I used to hide in the closet so she wouldn’t find me with those… those glowing eyes. Did you even care that I was scared? Did you even know when I finally ran away?